Sola: Catwalk Cutlery – 8x3mtr Exhibition Stands

It’s been a hugely busy few months as I’ve been working on more colossal image creations – this time for trade show exhibition stands! 

This client was looking for an image with the wow-factor for their flagship cutlery range to display on a variety of exhibition stands across the year ranging from 3 to 8 meter long walls with booths and return walls all needing graphics. 

Behind The Scenes – editing & shooting this beautiful set of trade show images for Sola

I came up with multiple concepts & spoke with the client at length before the shoot even began, to ensure that what we created would fall in line with their brand identity.  The concept we set upon was catwalk-like runway staircase that the new range of product would proudly be parading down. Working with the amazing team at StudioSoWow (3D printers), they created the exact shape the client desired for the catwalk.

Then, in order to make the final image large enough to print in one go across an 8 meter wall with no resolution loss, I spent a few days shooting the scene in sections that were then stitched together in post production out of around 160 images. This created multiple gargantuan files – the largest of which being a 42 GB layered file that was then compressed for the printer – simply monstrous! 

Maybe I should re-brand as the Godzilla of the image world? Making images so large they’ll swallow you (and your RAM) whole?! 

The first trade show using the catwalk image!
This configuration was for one flat wall 8x3mtrs
One of the other 5 stand layouts requested by the client