Social Media Photography Workshop

Monday 24th June
CREATE QUALITY Photography using your own phone or camera

Elevate your Brand & improve your social media shots…


Do you have an amazing, bespoke, natural, eco-friendly, handmade or just downright awesome product or service but every time you post on social media, your phone just doesn’t do it justice??

Your images are the first thing your potential customer sees so if you sell products via social media but would like to increase your sales, you need to ensure that the visuals you put out onto the world reflect the quality of the awesome products themselves!

Grow your online business with images that reflect the quality of your brand!

Using your own phone and some super affordable & accessible lighting, with specialist tuition from a professional with years of experience improve the quality of your social media images…. 

From This...

...To This

This photography workshop is hosted by Stefanie Calleja-Gera: Award winning commercial product and lifestyle photographer with over 15 years in the industry working with independent & global brands alike creating next level images that have been used in advertising campaigns around the world.

Stefanie Passionately believes that your visual identity is as important as your product or service itself! She wants to help small business owners battle the complex world of product photography & has created this tailor made course to be accessible to everyone. 

This course is not designed to completely replace your main advertising campaign photography as you will always need professional imagery to fully support a top-quality brand. 

However, we understand that not all businesses can afford to enlist a professional photographer every month for social media content, but we also understand that some business owners need help in order to be able to create better quality images themselves to bridge the gap between the top-line imagery and what your potential customers see on social media.  

On this course, you will learn to take your own consistently high quality product shots with your Phone or own camera & a few key pieces of kit. 

Support for small and medium sized businesses

It’s proven that strong visual identities of brands not only help to cement the brand in a customer’s head and increase brand loyalty, but if the product photography is of a high standard, it can also allow the business to increase the margins, bringing more profitability & ROI to the company, allowing you to grow the brand quicker.

What you will learn and what is provided….


To ensure every business gets the care and attention they need in order to gain the most value to the program there will be very limited places on the workshop so please get in touch asap if you are interested in this course.

Don’t take our word for it…

A recent client who has experienced this workshop is Eyeworks London – here’s what they had to say about the session:

"Over many years I have entrusted Stef with my big photography projects. When I needed help with social media content creation I knew who to call.Stef's workshop walked me through lighting, composition, props and backgrounds and even getting the best technical settings on my own phone.I left the workshop with several set-ups that had different atmospheres and impacts for my product photography. I’m really pleased with how professional my product shots now look!Now I can react quickly with good quality photography for my social media content. I highly recommend this workshop for anyone wanting to up the quality of their content."
Brenda McKernan
Director,Eyeworks London

What Do You need to Bring?

Just bring a couple of your best selling products and a great attitude to learn and in a few hours, we’ll ensure you leave with a new wealth of knowledge to take your social media content to the next level!

When, Time, Where, Cost & What else is included:

This half day workshop is being offered at a mere snip of the price of a traditional photography course where you will learn valuable techniques that will massively improve the quality of your images!



In-Person Half Day iPhone Photography Workshop