Case study: Website & E-commerce shoot for Georgina Bywater

There are many instances where a client would like to be involved in the creative process and whilst we’re very happy to come up with creative content ourselves (in fact we love it), we’re equally happy to work with clients who have a vision already and just need a little help to make it come to life.

We met Georgina over a year ago now and it was clear that she had a vision for her brand and we were totally in love with that vision.

Knowing your target audience is really important and key to growing a successful business; it’s another area that we like to try and help our clients identify but in Georgina’s case, this was clear and so it was a simple matter of guiding the client in selecting the appropriate props and colour ways to best represent the brand in all the lifestyle imagery, creating consistency across the whole Website.

We scheduled both a pre-production meeting and further pre-shoot briefing, to establish exactly which backgrounds would be used for which ranges, so that we could maximise our shooting time on the day.

In addition to stills, our team were asked to produce some video clips of products being worn.  We built this into the day of the lifestyle shoot, along with creating a behind the scenes film for social media.  She also required all the products to be shot for cut-out for use on the e-commerce side of the website which was scheduled separately to the lifestyle shoot.

All in all, our main aim is to elevate our client’s brand image to be more in line with their idea of what their brand identity is or should be – and as often as possible, we aim to exceed this expectation so that our clients grow to surpass even their own preconceived concepts of what their brands can be!

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Georgina Bywater Lariat Necklace

Application of a Lariat necklace

What the client says

I had a clear vision for my brand direction In preparation for my new website launch.

Stef totally took on board my vision, she used her creativity to further enhance the style concepts and to bring together all elements of the brief.

Sterling silver jewellery is notoriously difficult to capture but nothing was too much trouble for Stef. She was extremely conscientious, hardworking and driven, which meant she worked within the timescales set and kept within budget.

I am delighted with the results, she totally exceeded my expectations.

I would highly recommend Stef, she is not only everything you would look for in a professional photographer, she is great fun to work with too!

Georgina Bywater 22 March 2018

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