Construction Photography

SCG Photography, based in the Cotswolds, primarily serves London, Oxford, and the South West, with nationwide travel capability. With over 15 years of experience and full PPE availability, we specialize in property and construction photography. Our diverse clientele includes hotels, spas, assisted living facilities, holiday companies, developers, and construction firms. We cover various stages of projects, from ground-breaking ceremonies to fully styled interior and exterior shots.

Our visuals serve multiple purposes for clients, enhancing their exposure across websites, marketing materials, and social media platforms. Additionally, our high-quality imagery is instrumental in tender bid documents and reports. Feedback from construction clients indicates that professional photography aids in securing projects by clearly illustrating construction processes and showcasing craftsmanship.

We offer cost-effective retainer deals tailored to construction companies’ needs, ensuring consistent quality throughout the year. Our flexible booking structure allows for the banking of unused days for future projects or site visits, optimizing marketing expenditure.

To learn more please email us at: Please download our Construction & Property Brochure Here