Backstage with Paul Costelloe

Summer may be waning but despite the damper weather, at this season’s London Fashion Week it was far more dazzle than drizzle.

Having visited the Paul Costelloe show last year and being wowed by the clean lines & impressive use of neoprene in his designs, I was hugely keen to return to see what he had in-store for us this time.  I was thrilled to be invited to view his SS17 collection and to be able to go where only a select few get to nose around – backstage….


Shows like this require military precision to ensure they run smoothly; backstage a battalion of hair & make-up artists are calling to each other whilst their many hands work tirelessly on silent models, sitting stock still for fear of spoiling the individual look being carefully crafted for them, their faces & hair being pulled and preened to perfection.



Attention to detail is so important!  Wardrobe attendants check lists and garments as models get fitted for the show.  All while the designer, Paul in this case, answers this question and that about everything from show lights to model’s tights – he calmly oversees and approves each model as they get put into the relevant outfit.

lfw-ss17-050 lfw-ss17-055 lfw-ss17-059 lfw-ss17-037 lfw-ss17-044

It’s a family affair!  Paul’s son & daughter are heavily involved, liaising with the plethora of suppliers and others to ensure showtimes run smoothly and everyone is where they should be, when they need to be there.

To add to the apparent chaos, a team of seamstresses make final alterations and finishing touches to the garments right there in the room!

lfw-ss17-061 lfw-ss17-062 lfw-ss17-064 lfw-ss17-072 lfw-ss17-068

It’s a genuinely electric atmosphere as the show hits the stage & us Togs (along with a horde of bloggers and videographers) take our positions in the press pit, ready to capture one stunning design and model after another. Here are my show highlights:










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