S’no Drama

So I was driving to an interior shoot one morning a few weeks ago; the sun was beaming through the windscreen and the car thermometer was flashing -6. 

Not particularly unusual circumstances by any means for this time of year, but the thing that caught my eye was the amazingly beautiful snow covered vista all around me.


On seeing this, of course, I had the classic “photographer” reaction of a) swerve violently into the nearest lay-by b) scramble around quickly to scoop up your camera, lens, flash card and c) run haphazardly across the road balancing wildly on the grass verge while your engine is still running (to keep the car warm) before “that moment” passes or a cloud scuppers your view!

It gives you such a sense of exhilaration capturing those impromptu moments as well as the planned ones and whilst I drove off, it struck me that it would be so amazing to do a model shoot in the snow – the same day!

So, I was straight on the phone to someone who I knew would be as excited as I was at the prospect of making the most of this rare phenomenon, and that was hair & make-up artist, Monika Vrublova.

Monika and I both had clients for different jobs that morning, so via a rather hurried phone call we decided to meet up on the hills between Andoversford and Stow at 12.30pm and grab some shots before the snow disappeared.

As soon as I said the words “icy, fashiony and you know, a bit Voguey”, Monika was totally on my wave length and she interpreted our brief conversation to create the most perfect look of “Chanel” meets “Frozen”!

It was bitterly cold and as always my husband was on hand running around with the lights and trying to stop us getting blown across the frozen tundra.

Monika modelled as well and despite the biting wind and the freezing conditions, she was an absolute professional with not a complaint to be heard!

It was great fun though and I have to say that we’re pretty pleased with the results – don’t you just love it when a plan comes together?

Snow Queen Of The Cotswolds
Snow Queen Of The Cotswolds







Photography: Stefanie Calleja-Gera

Hair & Make-up: Monika Vrublova

Assistant: Davey Terrific