Skimwear – It’s all the rage dont’cha know?

Are you hitting the slopes or going on a winter sun holiday? If so you HAVE to check out our recent Ski & Swimwear shoot – we’re calling it “Skimwear” and it features in the latest Cotswold Style Magazine.

Cotswold Style Jan 2015 Sea & Ski issue

 We had the initial concept for this shoot way back in September, when winter seemed far, far away and the weather was still unseasonably pleasant. It was as a result of a meeting with stylist Yvette Brentall and Cotswold Style Editor Emma Logan, where we discussed a swimwear shoot for that lucky bunch jetting off for some winter rays.

I also love a good ski holiday, which of course can also be full of winter sun, especially if you go to a chalet with a nice hot tub (now we’re talking my kind of trip!).  Soooooo we thought that incorporating a bit of skiwear into the shoot would be a great way to include those planning to holiday on the slopes – everyone’s a winner.

We were thrilled to be working with Yvette again and after another quick briefing to establish models, styling and shot content we were all set to hit the ground running; as usual her super stylings did not disappoint!  Hair on the day was styled by Vallenders Hair Salon (Suffolk Parade, Cheltenham) and our MUA was Madeline Jones.

We went on location to Cowley Manor Spa for some Scandinavian-style winter spa vibes.  The shoot was in November and whilst the production team were all cosy in hats, gloves, coats and booties, the brave models donned some slightly less seasonal attire.  Respect where it’s due, they headed out into the cold winter air and not one complaint was heard…professionals!  Everyone was grateful to have the uber-warm spa to retreat to and thanks must be given to the staff there; friendly and accommodating at all times.

The elegant & exquisite swimwear was provided by Sandra Dee (Montpellier, Cheltenham).  The chic, fashionable skiwear was provided by the fabulous Horace Barton (Regent Street, Cheltenham) and of course, how could we forget those epic James Bond-esque swimming trunks, similar to those worn by Daniel Craig in Casino Royale and worn by our male model Elliott in our shoot courtesy of The Hambledon, located in the grounds of Cowley itself.

We hope you love the “skimwear” notion as we’ll be rocking it all season long*!

A big thanks to Cotswold Style – it’s always great fun to work on these fashion spreads and if you can’t get to the real thing, then we’d say that Cowley’s Spa offers a great alternative for a bit of well earned R&R!

 To read the full article and to find out more about the shoot, pick up a copy this month or check it out online:



Photography: Stefanie Calleja-Gera & Davey Terrfic

Fashion Editor:  Yvette Brentall

Assistant Stylist: Harriet Beaton

Models: Lauren Exell, Elliot Beaton & Alicia Adams

Skiwear: Horace Barton, Cheltenham

Swimwear: Sandra Dee, Cheltenham & The Hambledon, Cowley Manor

Hair Stylists: Jo Vallender, Nicci Pestridge & Leonie Chalesworth at Vallenders Hair Salon

Make-up Styling: Madeline Jones of Wedding Paint

Location: C-Side Spa at Cowley Manor

*Well, maybe only on Thursdays…