Make it REIN

 The moment I laid eyes on this brand at this spring’s AW London Fashion Week I fell in love.

REIN at London Fashion Week in the Designer Showrooms
REIN at London Fashion Week in the Designer Showrooms

I just love the way REIN‘s designs play on the female form and are as concealing as they are revealing, the patterns both bold and striking, and a bit slinky in places, making you do a double-take wondering “is that skin or fabric”?!

Having already had a myriad of celebs don their garments, including the likes of Lady Gaga & Cheryl Fernandez, I was thrilled when I found out I’d be shooting one of these amazing outfits, so the pressure was on!

I always love working with my favourite hair and make-up styling guru’s Jodi Croft & Monika Vrublova because they’re so great at interpreting & developing a brief and love fashion just as much as I do! So, together, we got to work putting together mood boards for hair & make-up &  scouting around for suitable locations and shoot ideas for this forward-thinking brand.

shot ideas & styling
A few shot ideas & styling

Once ready, we started with some strong poses on a very windy day at out first location, under a very glamorous underpass, using our cut apertures to create a soft parallel with the designs in the bodysuit:

Make It Rein-5

Make it Rein-7

When we proclaimed wildly “Let’s make it REIN” we didn’t mean literally, as a thunderstorm loudly announced its presence in some kind of ironically apt attempt to try and rain on our shoot (and the very expensive outfit!), but we rolled with it and got these great shots as a result:

Make it Rein-35

Make it Rein-21

Make it Rein-24

As we scrambled to the car to try and warm up poor Monika’s frozen everything, we opted to do a few clean studio style shots before we braved the outdoors again, which really highlight the stunning design work on this beautifully audacious bodysuit & sleeves.

Make it Rein-62

Make it Rein-61

Make it Rein-53

After tea and biscuits (a must have pit-stop on any shoot) we headed over to our final location at Gloucester docks, where we were treated to a very timely “big-sky” following the torrential downpour, so with a degree of haste we hustled all our kit, hair & make-up garb & model and got to work. We hope that you’ll enjoy these results as much as we did creating them!

Make It Rein-70

Make it Rein-77

Make it Rein-96a

Not only are these designs show-stopping in style, the ladies behind the brand are two of the most awesome women I’ve met in fashion who I respect and admire for their bravery and style.

Rebecca Morter & Gemma Vanson, founders & creators of REIN London
Rebecca Morter & Gemma Vanson, founders & creators of REIN London

I’ve already placed my first order (and it certainly won’t be my last).  If you’re looking for a designer outfit with wow factor then look no further than REIN, because these ladies have it all; from softer silk shirt day wear to outfits like the one we shot, that pack a punch of pizazz, Rein’s originality will ensure you’ll never show up at an event wearing the same outfit as someone else.

To see all the shots from this challenging yet amazingly fun shoot please click here.

I say channel your inner diva and MAKE IT REIN. I know I will.


Designer: REIN London

Photography: Stefanie Calleja-Gera

Hair & make-up styling: Jodi Croft & Monika Vrublova

Model: Monika Vrublova

Shoes: ASH